We’re always thinking about our clients and figuring out the best way to ensure satisfaction for all our clients. That’s why we need to have a clear policy, to ensure that business runs smoothly and you, along with everyone else, get the treatment you pay for at Beauty Time.


Arriving on time, or 5 minutes before your appointment, ensures that you don’t miss a single minute of your treatment. We can’t keep others waiting for their appointments , just as you wouldn’t like to be kept waiting!


As an independent Belgium -owned business, we thank you for your consideration of our 24-hour cancellation policy. Our booking policy doesn’t only protect our business but also affects our affordability and ensures fair treatment to all our clients.

Please book carefully. No-shows and last-minute cancellations means that other clients cannot book into that time slot and it wastes the time and expertise of our highly trained professional therapists.

A 50% non refundable deposit is required to secure all bookings over 90 minutes.

We understand that sometimes bookings need to be changed, so you will be allowed to change your booking as long as you give us 24 hours notice. In this case your deposit can either be refunded or held for your next booking.

If it is within 24 hours and you cannot attend your appointment, you may either send a friend or family member to take your slot, or forfeit your deposit.

Messages left on Sundays, Mondays (as it’s our days off) or public holidays will only be regarded as lodged the morning of the next business day.


You may noticed ,in our salon for the security reason we have video registrations.

Personal Items

Please ensure you retrieve all your personal items before leaving as we cannot be held responsible for lost items. All lost items which didn’t find the owner with in 1 month will be given to the charity. We propose to our guests place for coats, but we don’t have Hat-check person, so please check that there’s nothing left in your pockets before you leave the coat to wardrobe as we are can’t held responsibility for your personal items.

Mobile telephones

In the interest of comfort of all our clients, please refrain from talking on a mobile phone and ensure it is switched off, or on silent, for the full duration of your time at the salon.


Please understand that we can cannot accommodate children under 12 unless supervised by an adult during your treatment. For some of treatments like permanent maquillage, microblading and lash extension we can refuse accept you by the reason of hygiene and precious work. And in this case your deposit will be forfeit.


Salon Hygiene is, of course, the utmost importance and to achieve optimal cleanliness all our sterilization equipment are according all high standards of hygiene. Don’t hesitate to ask your therapist to proof the cleanliness and désinfection of the tools she uses.

Medical Conditions

Please inform your therapist of any medical condition including pregnancy prior to booking as some treatments may not be appropriate for you.

Data Security

Personal details taken from clients during consultation procedures will be kept safe and in the strictest confidence. We would, on occasion like to send you details of open evenings and special promotions. If you would rather not receive these please let us know.

Photos of our service

There is only one way to promote our business and sometimes to proof our correct way of working, it’s to make a photos before and after.So we leave the right to take a photos of our service and to use it in social networks for promoting our salon. If you are not agree with this condition , please write a short email with the date of your treatment and name of beauty therapist and we will not publish it.


Our treatments are carried out by a qualified therapist. If you have had a treatment that you are unsatisfied with please bring it to the attention of the Administration with in 3 days and follow the complaints procedure (detailed below). We do not give refunds on any treatments, our services are non-refundable,however we will look into your concerns immediately and try to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.



It is our objective to ensure that every client is delighted with the services that they receive at The Beauty Spot.

However, we recognize that on occasions things can go wrong. If this does happen we will try to ensure we put things right at the earliest opportunity. This procedure advises how to bring things to our attention if you are not happy about the service that you have received.

We will ensure that all complaints are followed through, documented and when appropriate action is taken to prevent a recurrence.

The quickest and most effective way of resolving any problem is to bring it to our attention immediately. Please raise your concern with the Administration . We will listen carefully to your concerns and do what we can to correct any problems.

All complaints need to be documented in writing via email

Please provide as much detail as possible, including details of your treatment, date and time of your appointment and your exact complaint.

Your complaint will be assessed and we aim to get back to you within 48 hours of receiving your complaint in writing.